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April 22


Getting Started With Aquaponics Gardening

By Healthnut Bill

April 22, 2013

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Aquaponics Gardening provides food through a symbiotic relationship of fish and produce.

Ever wanted to be able to raise fish to use as a source of food? Having fish to use for food has many benefits such as saving you money on your groceries. Now, what if you were able to use the fish to grow a garden full of delicious herbs and produce? With aquaponics gardening, you’ll be using the waste from your aquaponics fish to provide nutrients to your plants. In return, your plants will clean the water for your fish, resulting in recycling the water back into your fish tank. Seems to good to be true? It’s not.

Aquaponics gardening is a way of gardening that:

♦ won’t use chemicals or artificial fertilizers which are costly

♦ won’t cost you a ton of money for water since it is recycled between the plants and the fish

♦ will provide you with fish and edible produce throughout the year which saves lots of money on groceries

With aquaponics:

> you’ll be using the waste from the fish to provide nutrients for your plants

> the plants are grown hydroponically, or without soil, and are able to clean the water that has the waste

> the cleaning process occurs when the roots of the plants are submerged in the wastewater

> as the plants absorbed the waste, or nutrients, the water is cleaned so the fish thrive

> this water can then go back into your fish tank and is recycled

When setting up your aquaponics system, you will have choices of fish and the plants you’ll like to harvest.

To begin with aquaponics gardening, you’ll need a few parts. These parts include a hydroponic grow bed, hydroton, a drain and flood kit, a drill with a bit to the size your drain kit specifies, a hose and water pump, an air stone and pump, a reservoir and fish and seeds. If your garden isn’t going to be in a sunny place, you may need a light for your plants. You’ll need to

aquaponics gardening

decide on the type of fish that you’d like. Tilapia is a great choice for the gardeners that would also like to harvest fish as well as have a fish that works well for this system.

You’ll also need to decide which plants you’d like to grow. Keep in mind that leafy, green plants work the best. The only plants that don’t do well in these types of gardens are plants that when grown in the soil, such as potatoes, have to be harvested underground. Since there is no soil involved in your garden, these plants may do better planted elsewhere or in a separate, soil-filled garden.

Starting with the right aquaponics plans you will be up and running and be enjoying the results within a short time.

Assembling your garden requires a bit of drilling, checking pH levels of the water in your fish tank, adding your fish, and planting your plants. When you’re just beginning your garden, ideally you’ll want to wait about four weeks before you begin planting your seeds. Once your garden is set up, the only thing that you’ll need to do daily is feeding your fish. Since water does evaporate over time, you’ll need to replace a bit of water every month or so.

Here is a very simple home aquaponics system, however, I don’t recommend purchasing kits because of the expense. Instead, click on the links below the video on the reviews I did for 3 of the top plans where you can build your own system. That way it is always expandable as your needs change and will save lots of money.


Once your aquaponics garden system is established and providing you with plants and fish, you’ll see how many benefits you’re actually getting. You’re maintaining a low-cost garden while fertilizing it without the use of chemicals. You’re providing your fish with a clean habitat. You and your family will be enjoying the great benefits of this garden in no time.


How To Get Started?

There are quite a few choices for designs of an aquaponics system. Using a well put together step by step guide is the easiest and fastest way to set up your own Aquaponic System. Here at, we reviewed several programs that have been designed specifically for people who want to learn more about Aquaponics and set up their own systems.

You can learn about them here by watching my video reviews:

#1 Rated Option:   Aquaponics 4 You
#2 Rated Option:   easy! DIY Aquaponics
#3 Rated Option:   The Ultimate Guide to Home Aquaponics System

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