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April 29


Small-Scale Profitable Aquaponics — Scale It Up or Down

By Healthnut Bill

April 29, 2013

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Aquaponics Can Be Turned Into A Commercial Enterprise Quite Easily

Aquaponics systems can be scaled up or scaled down, depending on your unique production needs. A modest Aquaponics system can produce up to 110 pounds of fresh fish like tilapia every six months … and let’s not fail to remember the 220 pounds of vegetable yield!   

aquaponics fish
Black Crappie
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I am going to give you an example of just what a fairly small commercial size aquaponics garden could yield in both fish, and in this particular scenario, only raising tomatoes. Obviously, this system can be scaled possibly up if you chose to really turn it into a larger commercial business and even grow a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables. It could similarly be scaled down to yield simply for a single family. Either way they both produce an abundance of fish and produce.  

Take into consideration the price and responsibility of starting a closed system with fish and tomatoes. This is just about what one may anticipate in output from Tilapia with tomatoes from a single full size 5′ x 40′ growing tray. For each module, there is one growing tray, one fish tank and one clarifier. Done successfully, you can presume to yield the following:

→ Consider that each growing tray has 200 plants and are seeded 2 times per year.

→ Harvest time takes somewhere around 60 to 85 days.

→ Growing very small-sized plants enables a three month growth time period prior to harvesting.

→ Tomato plants must be staked or trellised.

→ Tomatoes picked and utilized the same day enable peak flavor and texture.

→ The mean expected yield per plant is 25 to 30 tomatoes.

→ Weekly, you can count on 55 pounds.

→ Yield ranges from 880 pounds to 1,760 pounds every six months.

→ Annual yield can possibly be 1760 to 3500 pounds per year.

→ You can also forecast 330 pounds from the Tilapia on a yearly basis.

In addition, the module contains pump and valve system, control panel, air pumps and hardware.

As your new aquaponics business expands you can begin to scale it up.

If you want to market organic vegetables, fruits, and fish, you can grow your venture to provide a greater target harvest. Obviously, you’ll need added space and a more powerful water pumping system, but these are just one-time requirements of the system.

Vegetables that grow well consist of cabbage, lettuce, peppers, basil, strawberries, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs.

You may also cultivate watercress, onions, sage, snow peas, celery and broccoli. Choose something that you fancy to eat, as you will probably have a sizable yield. Many locations have farmer’s markets where you can assemble a stand and market your produce.

You will put a price on them depending on the market value in your area. Remember that you are looking to preserve your system, so you will need to price the produce for you to earn a profit.

Once you have the extended system ready, that’s it– you won’t have any more problems. For the above talked about illustration, the upfront cost is $4,000 installed. (Price tags may differ according to specifically where you live and the sort of system you acquire).

All you need to do at that point in time is to manage the system so all your plants and fish grow nicely. A plentiful harvest from an aquaponics system indicates that the system is well-maintained and ample treatment has been given to it on a day-to-day basis.

To find out more and to get more in-depth information about the best ways to build your very own aquaponics system, click here now.

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