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March 18


How a Product Launch Can EXPLODE Your Sales

By Healthnut Bill

March 18, 2021

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Having a product launch basically means that you’re going to make your new product into an event. Rather than simply adding a ‘buy’ link to your website and being done with it. Having a product launch means that you’re going to build hype for your product. Get your audience excited about it and then build up to a big official ‘launch date’.

There are countless ways that this can benefit your launch, so read on and we’ll look at a few of the ways that launching rather than releasing under the radar can make all the difference to your sales…

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How Product Launch Explode Sales


The first reason you want to create a product launch is that this will create hype and buzz. And by creating hype and buzz, you’ll be able to ensure that people are more receptive to your product when it eventually goes live.

The best way to make people want something is to tell them they have to wait. This also gives them time to save the cash and generally it means that when the product goes live, a lot of people are going to buy then and there.


Believe it or not, a product launch can help you to build authority. Simply by launching a product rather than releasing it quietly. You make that product seem far more desirable and much more interesting. This ultimately means you’re likely to get many more sales when it eventually goes live.


Affiliates love a product launch. So if you want an army of professional marketers to help you get word out and build more buzz for your product. Then doing a launch is one of the very best ways to accomplish that.

Verifying an audience is a very important thing to do before you launch any product. In other words, you need to ensure that there are people out there who actually want to buy your product before you go ahead and spend time developing it.

By having a product launch and a build-up to that launch, you’ll be able to consult your audience and ensure that they actually want to see your product before you spend a lot of time and effort to make it happen. You can ask your audience for ideas and essentially end up making the exact product that they request. Thereby essentially guaranteeing your success!

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How to Create Products That Will be Conducive to a Successful Launch

Launching a product is a great way to ensure you build some massive momentum for your product when it goes live. Rather than quietly releasing the product you worked so hard on to zero fanfare, creating a product launch allows you to get people talking about your item and excited for it prior to the big day it goes live. This can cause a real explosion of sales and significantly enhance the success going forward.

The key to a good launch is knowing how to go about promoting your product and making it sound exciting. But what’s actually just as important, is the product itself and the way this marries with your marketing activities. In short, some products are simply more conducive to a big launch than others. How do you make sure that yours is?

Make it Mysterious

One of the best ways to make a product more interesting is to release only a small, tantalizing amount of information about it. This is something that you can see when you look at any other product launches. Whether that’s a film, a smartphone or a computer game. Prior to the official announcement, there will always be a drip-feed of information first. That might include some leaked footage, some photos or just a few quotes from members of the team. Either way, this gets people speculating and talking and it makes the product seem significantly more interesting as a result!

Tap Into Dreams

Another thing to ensure, is that your product is able to build a big emotional response. How do you do that? By tapping into the dreams of your audience. Some of us wish that we were fitter, healthier and stronger. Some of us wish that we were rich, or highly successful in our love lives. A great product is one that promises to deliver in an area like this.

Provide Extras

Another tip is to provide extras and to make sure that your product is more than just an ebook, a course or a seminar. The more value you pack in, the better the deal will seem and the easier it will be to get excited for.

So don’t just sell an ebook – offer free videos, reports and more to make it all the more interesting and to make it seem like an ‘ultimate package’. Using wording like that can also help a lot to make your item seem more desirable.

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