Andrew Endres – Author of Easy! DIY Aquaponics

Andrew Endres has created a program that anybody can use to set up a symbiotic system involving fish and plants termed aquaponics.

Andrew Endres is the author and creator of Easy! DIY Aquaponics. Andrew grew up tending gardens as a youngster his whole life, and wanted a better way to produce the vegetables he loved. He is a family man now as presented by his video with his daughter. 

John Fay – Author of Aquaponics 4 You

John Fay is the originator and author of Aquaponics 4 You and he is an aquaponics expert and certified organic farmer.

 According to John, this form of gardening is the highest yielding organic way to grow crops.  aquaponics

His idea stems from plants loving algae, minerals, and nitrates created by the fish. Consequently, the fish thrive on the oxygenated water provided by the plants. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Gary Cooper — Author of The Ultimate Guide to Home Aquaponics System

In addition to the fact that he bears a rather famous name, at least for those who remember Gary Cooper the film star circa 1950’s, Gary is the author of a well put together eBook entitled The Ultimate Guide to Home Aquaponics System.
aquaponics plans

Many years ago, Gary was introduced by a friend of his to the concept of “aquaponics”.  At first he thought the idea seemed a little weird.  He heard that you care for some fish in a tank and then you let vegetables and other fresh produce grow using the nutrients presented in the fish waste.

Aquaponics Fish

Aquaponics fish supply the nutrients for the plants to grow.

The waste is high in nitrites and nitrates and you will find that plants will grow at an amazing rate. Many different plants can be planted in your aquaponics garden and can provide you an array of fresh organic produce along with the great protein source from the fish. 

Aquaponics Fish — Feeding Fish or Non-feeding Fish

You actually have quite a bit of choice when it come to aquaponics fish selection.

You might not think that a wide variety of fish would flourish in this rather closed system, but they do. You  

aquaponics fish


will have a wide choice for the type of fish you will want to use with your system, depending upon availability of course.  You will also want to take into consideration whether you will want to harvest the fish and eat them.

Getting Started With Aquaponics Gardening

Aquaponics Gardening provides food through a symbiotic relationship of fish and produce.

Ever wanted to be able to raise fish to use as a source of food? Having fish to use for food has many benefits such as saving you money on your groceries. Now, what if you were able to use the fish to grow a garden full of delicious herbs and produce? With aquaponics gardening, you’ll be using the waste from your aquaponics fish to provide nutrients to your plants. In return, your plants will clean the water for your fish, resulting in recycling the water back into your fish tank. Seems to good to be true? It’s not.

A Good Aquaponics Design

The right aquaponics design provides healthy organic foods.


aquaponics design

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Medley

  A good aquaponics design should be a logical and adaptable system that will work at supplying food on a  continuous basis. A well-designed system will produce vegetables and fish year round.