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Aquaponics – Make It A Business or A Hobby

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Aquaponics, because of its scalability, can either be utilized as a business or just for family use.


Developing your own new business can be an overwhelming task since sometimes you need special education and usually, a lot of money is necessary for a startup. In most cases, one can get the proper education, solving the money issue is not nearly as easy.  Nonetheless, there is a great business where your investment can be kept to a minimum while paying off in as short a time as one year.  It’s called aquaponics gardening and it can help change your life for the better.

Aquaponics includes raising vegetables and fruits utilizing the water from a closed system fish tank. The method involves placing the fish in the tank, waiting approximately a month to allow enough bionutrients to accumulate in the water to feed the small plants. The water is pumped to the plant beds where the plants, in turn, absorb these nutrients, thus cleaning the water which is returned to the fish for them to thrive.

aquaponics fish

There arе a number of benefits of starting such a company. First of all, there are minimal costs to get started, so if you have a small budget you can still easily get the startup components and supplies that are required.  Second, the operational costs are quite low, which allows you to be able to sell your organic produce at a lower cost than people can obtain at the supermarket  You will also have a freshness advantage that the stores just can’t match. Those advantages should enable you to obtain more clients and get you off to a great start.

Unlike most companies today where you may need an office or some type of industrial building, with an aquaponics garden you don’t need much space at all. You may even be able to use your garage or a room in your home, or in some cases, you may even want to build a small greenhouse in the backyard.  The main thing to keep in mind is the location will need to provide as much natural light as possible for plant growth.

One more terrific benefit of aquaponics gardening is you can offer a variety of items right from the start.

Not only can you sell a selection of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but you could even possibly sell fresh fish for additional profit. Because of the sheer volumes of food that can be produced with aquaponics, you will certainly have enough fresh produce and fish to also feed your family, thus eliminating the need to purchase these items at the market.  This will allow you to save additional money which could either go back into your business or be used for personal pleasures. 

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