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April 25


Aquaponics Fish

By Healthnut Bill

April 25, 2013

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Aquaponics fish supply the nutrients for the plants to grow.

The waste is high in nitrites and nitrates and you will find that plants will grow at an amazing rate. Many different plants can be planted in your aquaponics garden and can provide you an array of fresh organic produce along with the great protein source from the fish. 

Importance of Fish         

aquaponics fish

Fish are the power house of an aquaponics system, they provide the nutrients for the plants and if your growing edible fish, then they also provide protein for yourself. Keeping fish may be a little daunting to some, especially those without any prior experience, however you shouldn’t be discouraged. Keeping fish in an aquaponic system is more simple than keeping aquarium fish, so long as you follow simple guidelines then growing fish from fingerling size, to ready to eat fish can be extremely simple.

Choosing a fish species

There are many different species of fish that can be used in an aquaponic system, depending on your local climates and available supplies. Our local climate in Perth, Western Australia, allows us to keep Rainbow Trout through winter, then a warmer species like Barramundi during summer. There are also a few choices for year round fish that we could grow, but they often take a longer time to mature. If you live in a cooler climate you might be looking at growing Trout all year round, or perhaps another locally produced fish species. In warmer areas of Australia people generally grow Barramundi, or Jade Perch year round, in most warm areas throughout the world Tilapia is the fish of choice.

In deciding what is the best species for you to grow, you should take a few factors into account, most importantly is what you want from your system. If you don’t want to eat your fish then you probably won’t want to grow edible fish, or you may want to grow an edible fish that can live year-round in your area, so that you’re not having to harvest fish out seasonally. The second most important factor is ‘What’s available?’ You need to be able to buy fish to stock your system, even with species such as Tilapia that breed readily, you need to get your broodstock in the first place.

As you can see, when you are setting up your aquaponics system you will have a few choices for the right kind of fish that fits your particular situation. I think you will find that the Tilapia fish fits that bill most of the time.

To learn more and get a look at a great fish chart with detailed information about each species you can click here to go to the original article.

Here is a quick video highlighting some of the great benefits of the Tilapia fish. The video has no audio, just click in the upper right corner of ads to get rid of them.

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