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April 30


Aquaponics Demystified

By Healthnut Bill

April 30, 2013

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Aquaponics–The Marriage of Fish and Plants

As you now are aware, Aquaponics is normally characterized as a cross of two already existing strategies: aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture is the process of raising fish in closed systems, typically fresh water.

Hydroponics, alternatively, attempts to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables using water alone — with no soil to speak of. The plants obtain their nutrients while their roots are submerged in the water. When you integrate these two older systems, you get aquaponics.  

Hydroponics by m-louis, on Flickrh

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Where else could you grow an abundance of fresh healthy organic fruits and vegetables all year long, not to mention the supply of protein from the fish you can harvest, and only have to put in maybe 30 minutes of work once a week. When I say work, that’s kind of an overstatement. The work I am talking about is really just checking the water for pH, oxygenation levels, ammonia concentration, and maybe a couple of other component levels.

It’s also a good idea to look the system over to make sure no leaks have developed and that all functions such as the siphon or draining system are all working properly. Other than that, just enjoy the bounty of your harvest.

In addition to the food mentioned above, here are a few more reasons why someone would be interested in aquaponics.

This form of aquaponics gardening has some main advantages:.

• Aquaponics does not necessitate loads of space. The amount of space you will need is figured out by how much you would like to produce. There have been Aquaponics systems launched within the home utilizing a small aquarium.

• You will wind up acquiring both aquaponics fish and aquaponics plants such as vegetables (or fruits, if you prefer). This on its own will assist you in saving money by growing and consuming your own food.

• It’s rather easy to arrange your personal Aquaponics system. A beginner may buy pre-made kits or invest in  the subsystem pieces individually.  The best way by far is to get a step by step program and build it yourself.  The cost is a fraction of the kits, and your basic aquaponics setup can be put together with parts, most of which can be sourced locally and with tools you most likely already own.  Click here to see my review of one such program .

• It is not very expensive whatsoever to set up and preserve an Aquaponics system.  You can get a how to build an aquaponics system step by step program by watching the video in the link above.

• Aquaponics systems are expandable. As you continue to understand the process, you can add segments to your already existing system to amplify your harvest.

• You can find aquaponics experts around the country and across the world. You’ll have the ability to reach out to people with identical pursuits and learn from them when you are just getting started. There are several blogs from other individuals who are just starting this process and from those who have mastered it. Pick up from others what has served them.

So now that you have been demystified, I think you will see there are a lot of reasons to take a look at aquaponics for your gardening pursuits and the best plants for aquaponics.

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