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January 10


Aquaponics Vegetables From Your Aquaponics Garden

By Healthnut Bill

January 10, 2021

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Aquaponics fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs are becoming popular all over the globe.

Aquaponic vegetable gardening is something that has been enjoyed by many in the UK. It is rapidly picking up speed in America as a way to cut costs at the supermarket by raising your very own produce.

At the age of 63, I can’t say that I really remember what were called victory gardens that were popular during World War II. However, at one time I was quite a follower of things related to this and was fascinated with many of the things people did to help the war effort. It just happens that one very popular thing was to grow backyard gardens to save money on food to show their patriotism.

So at this point in time with these tough economic times, I would like to show you a way to save a bunch of money by growing your own organic fruits and vegetables with the added benefit of all the fish you can eat. This brand-new system is called aquaponics and it does not require soil or chemicals. Aquaponics gardening is a system where you use a large tank filled with water and then add fish to it. Above the tank, you place special net pots where you plant your chosen produce.

The fish produce waste which is primarily ammonia, which is then broken down by bacteria into nitrites which supply the ideal food source to the plants.  The plants then absorb these nutrients, in turn, cleansing the water which is then returned to the fish tank.  It is known as a symbiotic relationship and works very well.


Utilizing this method, you can produce up to 10 times the amount of product in the same space as a conventional garden. In this time of high food inflation, this is an ideal way to save loads of money at the supermarket and have fresher, totally organic fruits and vegetables as well. Flowers grown in aquaponics do exceptionally well.  

Aquaponics fish are a great source of vital protein.

An added benefit beyond the fresh produce is you can have access to fresh fish as well. This is a great benefit since fish is a great source of healthy protein. The best fish for small aquaponics systems are listed in other articles on this website. In this current economic climate, with people in a hurry and eating more and more junk, food, the aquaponics system can be a great way to not only provide a healthy alternative but contribute to saving money at the same time.
I think you will find that an aquaponics system. with all its benefits of small space requirements, high production of healthy organic vegetables and fruits, and a reliable source of fresh fish will be a great addition to your family. A couple of the best aquaponics systems for beginners are reviewed on this website.
organic produce
Kids love the fish tank and will certainly be more likely to eat fresh produce since they can actively see it growing.  You will love the fact that you can provide your family with fresh healthy food 24/7, 365 days of the year and be saving money at the same time. Take a good look at what aquaponics gardening can do for both your health and your wallet.


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