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Hello, and welcome to AquaponicsSurvivor.com.  I hope you will enjoy our site.  Our goal is to provide you with information and educational material concerning many aspects of the topic of Aquaponics.

With the cost of food rising, on what seems like a daily basis, and the prediction of coming food shortages around the world, having a sustainable garden that can produce not only fruits and vegetables, but a healthy protein source in the form of fish, will not only save money but may become important in terms of survival.

We also offer products related to aquaponics such as step by step design plans on building and maintaining an aquaponics system. We have written reviews for a few of the best plans available so as to take some of the work out of searching for the best plan for you.

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Thank you.

Bill Hildebrand,  Owner and founder of AquaponicsSurvivor.com

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