5 Things To Consider When Building An Aquaponics System

Establishing  an aquaponics system, although rather a simple job, needs some fundamental understanding of aquaponics.


If you are thinking of placing the system in your home, then these tips should prove useful to you. I think you will find some other useful information that can help as well. Listed below you’ll discover five necessary points which you must grasp in order to get incredible outcomes.


1. The best location
The area of your home where you put your aquaponics system is essential for the ideal conditions in which the plants and likewise the fish could develop. For the best results, you want a place where the temperature stays quite constant, not to cold or hot, and also somewhere with sufficient sunlight for the plants to promote maximum growth.  In addition, you want to make sure there is no danger of harsh chemicals coming in contact with either the plants or fish, or you could experience disastrous results.


2. Oxygenizing the water
The happier your fish are, the better your system will work! This is why you need to oxygenize the water each day so your fish can grow in a comfortable environment. Typically if the system is designed properly, the water will oxygenate just fine.  In some instances you may need to add a simple oxygenating pump.



3. Picking your fish to fit your location.
The aquaponics system works well with nearly all types of fish. Yet, there are states in which you’re not permitted to raise concern kinds of fish. You will want to check with the local fish and game department to determine which fish may be forbidden. Also, you will want to take into consideration that certain fish do better in warmer water and some in colder water.


4. Placing the pots
In order to make working with your aquaponics system as easy as possible, you will want to place the plant beds about waste high. This allows you to work with planting and harvesting without having to bend over and makes working with your aquaponics garden as easy as possible.


5. Adding additional nutrients
There could be instances where the fish waste is not providing all the nutrients needed for your plants, although this is very rare. It’s possible you may not have a sufficient quantity of fish to supply the volume of nutrients required. In that case you might have to add some iron, calcium carbonate or potassium carbonate. You will want to be very careful, however, when adding these so make sure you read and follow directions very carefully.


Aquaponics is a terrific way to grow fresh organic fruits and vegetable to feed your entire family all your long. Just follow the steps above and you will have great success with your new aquaponics garden. If you would like more information about how to get started building an aquaponics system, click this link right now.

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