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This website is about the science of "Aquaponics". Basically that is raising food without using soil and using the natural fertilizer produced by the fish. It is a closed-loop system and once set up needs very little attention. It is a great way to grow healthy organic food at a rate about 4 times faster than using a typical soil based garden. One of the perks is that you don't need to do any weeding. Not only that, but depending on the particular climate where you live, you can grow food up to all year long. Inside you will discover all about this fantastic option to grow much of your own food at a fraction of the cost, and get the benefits of totally organic food with no chemicals involved. We hope you find our site of interest and please come back often.

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I'm  William Hildebrand

First of all, thank you for visiting our website. My entire career was spent in the medical field. I have a BS Degree in Medical Technology and worked in a large hospital laboratory for 7 years, 6 as the automated chemistry supervisor. I then decided to make a major change and entered the medical sales arena. So for the next 31 years I sold medical equipment and products to hospitals, clinics and doctors offices. Since my life involved a lot of travel and staying in hotels and eating many meals out, I learned rather rapidly that I would need to have a plan and the will power to eat as healthily as possible. Also I made it a point to exercise when on the road as well. Spending all of that time in hospitals and doctors offices convinced me that mainstream medicine was not doing a great job of helping people be healthy. I got very interested in looking at more natural methods to stay healthy and studied and learned about natural health. Eating healthy, organic food is certainly a big part of that and that is why I think aquaponics is such a great way to grow food. Please take a little time to look at a few of the articles and I think you will come to the same conclusion. 

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